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We’ve collected here a handful questions and answers. You’ll find here the answers to the most bothering questions. We tried to satisfy your curiosity as much as possibile. But if you do not find the answer to your question - call us or ask a question using the contact form at the bottom of the page.
1We want to go with kids, but we don’t know if they will be bored.
They will not. :) especially if you go on an expedition „Georgia for family”. Other children go there as well. We will use rafting there, monkey grove, a horse trip and we will visit to the dolphinarium. If you only want, we will arrange swimming with dolphins, what is unforgettable experience. This trip is organised for children. Of course you may take your kids on other trips as well, but their presence should not disturb our tour.
2Can I choose whom I will sleep with?
Yes. :) We do not interfere in your choices. There is a roof tent for two persons and two kids in every car. If you would like to sleep alone, our leader will provide folding tent and a foam pad for you. You should take the sleeping bag with you.
3What about the meals?
Everyone prepares a meal on their own, you will find a set of dishes used to prepare food - pots, pans, cutlery, cups. We will stop at the bars and restaurants, (tested ones), to try some local food and along the way we will stop to supply water and food.
4How will we wash?
Every of our cars is equipped with a shower with hot water.  If you want to wash you just need to turn on the heating, before arriving to the camp. Your leader will inform you by CB radio when you suppose to do it. Usually we will camp at the lakes or rivers so there will be no problem with access to water. Our tanks with washing water we will be filling up in roadside sources and petrol stations. You can find a portable shower cabin in addition to the shower in every of our car.
5Are your expeditions safe?
Of course. We drive well-tested cars, on proven routes and to proven places. We drive away from war zones. Usually we drive away from the main roads and thanks to this, we are less expose to the unpredictable behavior of other drivers. Every participant of our expedition is additionally insured against the cost of treatment (KL) and consequences of accidents (NNW).
6How it looks like?
We have a proven model of action – after many years of trips we know what is important and we are planning our expeditions based on these knowledge. Usually we divide the group into two parts: „early birds” and „sleepyheads”.
„Early birds” are leaving about 9 am and they have time to explore and frequent stops for….for example taking pictures. We stop for a meal between 1 pm and 3 pm, sometimes in local restaurant or somewhere in the beautiful surroundings of nature. For the night we stop about one or two hours before dusk. Group of „sleepyheads”, (if there are such participants), are leaving one hour later, they visit a little less and rarely stop for example to take a picture or to breaks. We stop shopping, refuelling and filling the water tanks i it is necessary. On each expedition there are days for „doing nothing”, then we spend the whole day in one place, some relax, others visit interesting things.
However you must remember that each day is different on the expedition and we can change our plans due to failure or „unpredictable attractions”.
7How your cars are equipped and what I need to take with me?
Each of our cars is fully equipped for an expedition. You will find two roof tens for two persons, a camping table and tourist chairs for each member of the crew. Then a pot, frying pan, kettle and gas stove on which you can prepare a meal. The car if fitted with a hot water shower . We can find a shower cabin as well in the luggage. You can check how our cars are equipped on this page cars. In cars we have everything that is needed to spend your holidays comfortably. These you should take with you is a sleeping bag, personal items, passport and… good mood.
8Suppose, I’ve signed up for the trip, but my plans change and then what?
You must know - our priority will be to give you your down payment.
If you cancel up till two months before the date of departure we will refund you 100% your down payment.
If you cancel for less than 15 days before departure we will refund you 50% down payment.
If we have already payd for reservations and permits from your down payment, we will return to you your down payment minus these costs. Of course we will prove it to you. If the trip is cancelled because of us, we refund the entire amount paid.
9Can I get a discount?
Althouth we do excursions of thehighest quality, (and it costs), we are able to offer you a discount if you collect a larger number of friends with whom you would like to spend your holidays. You want to know the details? – write to us info@land4travel.com

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